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Did you know Running Brook Elementary will turn 50 next school year?

Our Story

Running Brook opened in 1970 with an open classroom design for grades K-5. The school was designed as a single-story building with masonry exterior walls.

Building for the Future

The school then underwent renovations in 1984 to enclose the open design and instead create individual classrooms. A single-story addition, that included a gym and 2 additional classrooms, were also part of the renovations.

Another renovation was completed in 2006 that modernized all of the interior spaces.

Running Brook's Community Grows!!

The most recent renovation project completed in 2014, addressed the continued population growth of Columbia West and Southeastern regions that affected Running Brook along with the expected influx of students by the year 2019.

The project provided 100 seats of additional classroom space by adding a 2-story classroom, cafetorium expansion and additional core infrastructure space necessary to operate effectively as a larger school. This expansion improved the utility and effectiveness of the existing academic support spaces.

Here We Grow Again!

Running Brook's spirit and impact on the community grows even more heading into our 50th Birthday year!

We are very excited to welcome all our new friends transferring from Northfield Elementary School fall 2020.
There is truly a “Running Brook Way” that is distinct from that of other schools, and we are proud to have a school community that believes in the motto, “We Are Running Brook”!

Anthony Esposito - Principal Running Brook Elementary School

So much growth in 50 YEARS and our motto shines through it all!

To mark this momentous occasion, the PTA will be hosting several events throughout the 2020-2021 school year to celebrate:

Fall Festival: 50th Birthday Edition - October 3rd, 2020

50th Birthday Time Capsule Ceremony - Spring 2021

Tree Planting Dedication - TBD

We can't wait to celebrate the positive impact Running Brook has had on our community and its families. If Running Brook has played a part in your life directly or indirectly, won't you help us continue the tradition of fun, thoughtful education for the new generation?

Our Birthday Celebration sponsorship levels start at $25.00.

Want to lend a physical hand towards these events? We encourage you to check out our

Volunteer sign-up sheet for the 50th Birthday Committee led by Bess Caplan.

Looking for more information, join us at the next PTA Meeting!

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